A High Court case 214/78 in Iceland, where six young people Albert Klahn Skaftason b.1955, Erla Bolladóttir b. 1955, Guðjón Skarphéðinsson b. 1943, Kristján Viðar Viðarsson b. 1955, Sævar Marinó Ciesielski b. 1955-2011, and Tryggvi Rúnar Leifsson b. 1951-2009 were convicted for two murders without no evidence whatsoever. Officially named “Mál 214/78” [1].

“Case (Mál) 214/78“. Among public named “Guðmundar and Geirfinnsmál“. The name comes from Guðmundur Einarsson mechanical student age 18 and Geirfinnur Einarsson age 32, constructor worker, husband and father of two, They were not related nor connected in anyway and both disappeared without traces in 1974, Guðmundur on early hours of 27th of January in Hafnarfirði and Geirfinnur on the 19th of November in Keflavík. The two where quite ordinary without affiliation to anything like politics or underworld but like most of the victims here they had a weak social background at that time.

Sadly the name is a understatement as the disappearance of the two could not have happened without the so-called “Klúbbmál” (The Club case/affair). A nightclub with vague connection [2] [2a] to one political party as it rented its locals in a house owned by the party. That case is like a seem trough the whole case which started in 1972 and is the political aspect of this case from 1972 till 1976.

Those six were convicted without any evidence, any motive and no bodies, only their confessions, which is proofed [3 p.469] [3a part III p.329] to have been obtained by torture in the longest periods of isolation ever served in Iceland and coerced to admit and accuse others of murders that were made into political affairs. Erla and Sævar had alibi in both cases, hidden by the “investigators”. In Guðmundcase, Erla [3b II p.162] Sævar [3c III p.63] Geirfinncase Sævar [3d XX p.194] Erla [3e X p.54].

The disappearances were from the beginning misused for political gains trough this Klúbbmál by something we can call intelligence elements in Iceland. Political murders are unheard of in modern Icelandic history, one has to go back at least 800 hundred years to find such things and the brutality that was applied, which amount to bestiality is also of a unheard magnitude.

Bearing in mind that this was a time of Operation Gladio [4] [5] [6] with its extreme excess of brutality and that there are the same people that are operating at this time and in the light of how unique this experience was for everyone involved, the question has to be asked, if this was some kind of a test that the Icelandic intelligence branch was put through.


In April 1972 there was a sudden change of ambassador in the US embassy in Iceland where relatively ordinary ambassador was replaced by a hard core guy hand picked by president Nixon, Fredrick Irving [7] who got his commission from both State department and Pentagon. After Nixon’s leaving office Henry Kissinger as Secretary of State is to manage the affair even after Fredrick Irving departure in April 1976. [7a]

Karl Schütz

Fredrick Irving a career diplomat was said to have alias as Mr. Fix-it or simply “The Fixer” he served in Iceland from 1972 to 1976 and was to be an ambassador in Jamaica in 1978-9. He left as these events where cooled down with the arrival of high ranking German BKA intelligence officer Karl Schutz [8], who came a few weeks after Fredrick Irving departure to start the clean up.

This was a clear CIA operation and was put in action for special circumstances, namely the dispute of the fishing limits with the British and others and how the Icelandic government tried to drag the US military interests into the matter by make them put pressure on the British to get out of the new fishing limits, but in the end, it also involved NATO matters which can explain why some of the highest level of the German intelligence community appearance as a ”cleaning team” afterwards.

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